•     General information

This document contains general sales conditions applied by “PERSIANI CASA DI PERSIANI ANGELA, ANNA & C. s.n.c.”
with legal offices in Forlì (FC)- ITALY, Via Decio Raggi, 411/a, (hereinafter referred to as “The Seller” for short) exclusively to the goods purchased online by consumers from the website, owned by the said company.

  •     Contract finalization and order acceptance

Sales agreements for items sold on the website are considered as finalized when orders placed by the Purchaser are accepted by the Seller. 
The Seller reserves the right to reject any orders received, due to irrevocable corporate requirements or choices or for any other cause. 
Should an order be rejected, the Seller shall refund the whole amount, if any, paid by the Purchaser, using the same payment methods as the latter. 
When sending a purchase order electronically, the Purchaser confirms that these general sales terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

  • Pricing

Prices are those shown on the Internet website for each product and include VAT. 
Transport and delivery expenses are paid by the buyer in the amount established when the order is placed and based on the type and amount of items purchased.

  • Payment:

Items can be paid via one of the following:
a) wire transfer to IBAN IT30I0601067840100000004192
b) Credit card
c) Paypal
d) Cash on delivery

  • Hand-made items and availability

Our items are hand-made and made upon order to ensure the best quality of materials. Items such as latex futons and mattresses require a high level of perspiration, therefore prolonged storage might have an adverse effect on their quality. 
In consideration of their being hand-made, the product pictures shown on the Internet site are for illustrative purposes only and may not fully reflect the outer appearance of the product being delivered.

  • Delivery terms

Delivery terms vary between 5 and 20 working days starting from the time when the order is accepted by the Seller. 
For payments via wire transfers delivery terms start from when the amount due by the Buyer is received from the Seller, if subsequent to the order acceptance.

  •     Delivery mode and product transportation

The goods are sent through a courier to the address mentioned in the purchase order. Goods are deemed to be delivered once unloaded from the truck. 
The carrier shall send the Purchaser a delivery notice with the exact delivery date, contacting the Purchaser at the phone number indicated in the purchase order. 
With limited exceptions which are handled by single, local carriers, no appointments may be fixed with the carrier to arrange for deliveries at set times. 
Consignments will be delivered Monday to Friday. No deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and on non-working days. 
In case of failure to deliver the consignment due to the Purchaser being unavailable or out of reach, the Seller shall recall the goods and refund the amounts received upon placing the order, excluding transportation costs and a further lump sum of 100.00 € for any additional transportation costs incurred and any and all expenses for storing the goods and/or further charges due to the Purchaser being unavailable or out of reach.

  •     Consignment reception

The purchaser shall inspect all packages upon reception to make sure that they are intact. In case of anomalies in the package – e.g. dents, rips, holes, etc. – the Purchaser shall sign the courier’s transportation document and add the phrase ‘consignment accepted under reserve until content integrity is checked’. 
Damaged consignments shall be reported no later than three days after receipt sending a fax to  0543.480370 or an e-mail to the following address:

  •     Warranty

All items are covered with a two-year warranty as set forth in the Consumer Code. 
To take advantage of the warranty on a purchased item contact the Seller and keep the receipt and/or invoice related to the purchased item.

  •     Right of withdrawal

Purchasers are entitled to withdraw from this contract without having to provide a reason or justification whatsoever, as set forth in the aforementioned Consumer Code. 
Such right of withdrawal shall be exercised no later than 14 (fourteen) days from receiving the consignment. 
Purchasers shall send a written notice via registered mail with return receipt notifying the Seller of their intention to withdraw. To this end, the Purchaser shall use the form below or else send a communication to the Seller stating explicitly his/her intention to withdraw from the contract. 
The said form or communication shall be addressed to: PERSIANI CASA DI PERSIANI ANGELA, ANNA & C. S.N.C., with legal offices in Forlì (FC), ITALY, via Decio Raggi, 411/a.
Withdrawal from the contract shall also be notified via telegram, by sending a fax to +39 0543.480370 or by e-mailing to, as long as a registered letter with return receipt follows within the next 48 hours. 
To fully comply with the withdrawal term such communication notifying of the Purchaser’s intention to withdraw shall be sent prior to the expiry of the withdrawal term. 
Once the withdrawal right is exercised the Purchaser shall promptly return the consignment to PERSIANI CASA DI PERSIANI ANGELA, ANNA & C. S.N.C., based in Forlì (FC), via Decio Raggi, 411/a, without any delay and in any case within 14 days at the latest from the time when the communication for withdrawal was sent. The withdrawal term shall be deemed as having been complied with if the consignment is sent back prior to the expiry of the 14-days term. 
The items shall be intact and comprise any and all parts and accessories, including their original package. 
All costs for returning the consignment shall be borne by the Purchaser. In the event that a Purchaser withdraws from the contract without undue delays and in any case within 14 days at the latest from the time when the consignment was received, the Seller shall check for the consignment’s integrity and for compliance of the withdrawal request with this provision and with the Consumer Code and shall then refund the amount paid by the Purchaser. 
Reimbursements shall be made via the same payment method used by the Purchaser for the purchase, unless a different payment method is mutually agreed upon by the parties. Under no circumstances shall charges be borne for reimbursements. 
Withdrawal rights do not apply on personalized products or customized products.

  • Referrals

For all other details not expressly covered herein please refer to the Italian laws in force.


Annex 1: 
– Under Art. 49 par. 1, lett. h) of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code) – 
(complete and return this form only if withdrawing from the contract)
– Addressee: PERSIANI CASA DI PERSIANI ANGELA, ANNA & C. S.N.C., with legal offices in Forlì (FC), via Decio Raggi, 411/a, cap. 47121 – Italia – Telephone +39 0543.481854, Fax +39 0543.480370, e-mail;
– I/we (*) hereby give notice of my/our withdrawal from (*) sales contract for the following items/services (*)
– Ordered on (*)/ received on (*)
– Name of purchaser(s)
– Address of purchaser(s)
– Consumer’s signature (only for hard-copy forms)
– Date
(*) Delete if not applicable ”