//Organic spelt husk pillow Baby (40×60)

Organic spelt husk pillow Baby (40×60)


Cuscini in pula di farro Bio certificata


Spelt husk is nearly as soft and silky as feathers and can make pillows soft and alluring.

  • 100% organic certified spelt husk filling
  • Inner pillow case 100% organic cotton stitched
  • Outer pillow case 100% organic cotton no zip, machine washable at 40°C
  • Dimensions 40 x 60 x h.6

Expose to direct sunlight and shake on a regular basis to keep the husk fresh.
This kind of pillow is particularly suitable for those suffering from neck pain, due to its ability to fully adapt to the shape of your neck. It prevents and combats stiff or strained necks.
Spelt husk pillows are firm and comfortable. In addition, they are non-allergenic as husk is properly ‘de-dusted’.

Materials used
Organic spelt husk

Spelt husk – obtained from organic spelt grain – is well known for its beneficial analgesic properties. It can improve blood circulation and reduce migraine, neck pain, backache, muscle strains and rheumatism. 
Husk contains 90% silicic acid which helps strengthening connective tissues and heightening the body’s defences, is beneficial to the skin and inner organs, has good analgesic properties and is completely non-allergenic.
Spelt grain husk is obtained through grain hulling. Our husk is whole and de-dusted for better perspiration and pillows are lighter and fresher.
 It has been proven that, being rich in minerals, these materials have positive effects on the skin and inner organs, invigorate connective tissues and strengthen the body’s defences.
Spelt and millet husk pillows are also used by physiotherapists and beauty farms for yoga and massaging, as they can help relieve muscle pain, headache, spinal column disorders, backache, sleeping disorders, rheumatism and night sweats.
These pillows are also good for combating oval-shaped skulls in new-born babies.

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