Eco-friendly mattress cover made with organic GOTS certified cotton fabric and filling. 
This mattress cover is fully eco-compatible and provides maximum protection to the healthiness and against the wear and tear of your mattress. It can be used in all seasons, as it is an excellent moisture and heat regulator. Also it has been proven that natural materials positively affect our sleep.
Product features:

  • 100% organic GOTS certified cotton filling, free from substances harmful to health
  • Eco-friendly and eco-compatible
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Breathable
  • Provided with elastic anchor bands on the corners so as to be easily placed in position on your mattress

Dimensions: standard and customizable

Composition: 100% organic GOTS certified cotton
Weight: 700gr per sqm
Thickness: approx. 3/4 cm
Dry wash or machine wash with delicate cycle max 35°C

Processed and made in Italy