100% natural, mite-resistant, non-allergenic mattress. A natural support to your body

  • 100% natural latex layer (h 18 cm)
  • Inner wear-free pillow case in 100% organic cotton jersey with zipper
  • Outer AMICOR PURE pillow case with 4-sided zipper (no padding for frequent washing cycles and fast drying)

What does AMICOR PURE fabric guarantee?

  • It complies with regulations providing for the correct use of biocides.
  • It contains zinc pyrithione (CAS N°13463-41-7) as an active ingredient
  • It is effective even after as many as 300 washes (tests carried out by Nottingham Trent University)
  • It prevents bacterial reproduction in warm, wet environments, which produce bad odours

A natural latex mattress ensures perfect ventilation due to constant air circulation, softly responds to your body shape and prevents compressions which may result in circulation problems. The outer and inner pillow cases can be machine washed easily for maximum long-term cleanliness. Good resilience to mildew and dust mites.

Why choose latex products?

  • Perfect ventilation due to constant air stream
  • Excellent elasticity and natural support to the whole body
  • Good resilience to mildew and dust
  • Environmentally friendly and comfortable for human sleep
  • Unique, certified products