Futons are traditional Japanese mattresses and are produced following ancient techniques, with natural, comfortable materials.

  • 100% organic GOTS certified cotton filling
  • Pillow case in 100% organic, GOTS certified, double twisted, sanforized cotton
  • Height 8 cm.
  • Suitable for children.

All-cotton futons are at the heart of the entire Japanese philosophy. They are soft and cosy, just perfect for those seeking a gentle support. It is made out of 12 layers of organic cotton from organic farms.
The futon fabrics and fillings are in organic cotton and are made with organic certified cotton, free from pesticides, anti-parasites and other chemicals. Among the benefits of sleeping on organic cotton fabrics and fillings are the prevention of skin allergies and the reassurance of using an environmental friendly product.
All seams are hand made and strengthened. Quilting is hand made.
A practical 3-sided zipper ensures easy inspection of the products used.